Service portal for German real estate agents with Magento and Neos CMS provides credit rating of prospective tenants and future tenants in Germany. The Mietercheck website gives Landlord the opportunity to find out more information about the tenants to whom they want to rent their land, houses, flats etc.  Reseller of the website can login and create Unique Coupon Code. Each Coupon code has limited number of Search Counts and associated pricing for each search. Reseller can distribute these coupon codes to the prospective Landlord via email outside the website. For Tenant Seach, landlord fills the tenant information and submits the form. After submitting the form the information is sent to the third party service Bürgel through Bürgel API call which indeed gives the tenant search result by rating them from 0 to 10.    


ScriptOne team works with Mietercheck for over 8 years to develop platform further as well as continuously support it. Team of 5 developers work on this project full time and features are added continuously as per business requirements.


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Project Features


◎ Responsive website developed using Neos CMS

◎ Integration with HubSpot for marketing and CRM

◎ Custom application for credit check, payments, account management, customer profile, billing and management reports.

◎ REST API for enterprise customers for bulk credit checks.

◎ Integration with multiple credit check agencies for creating credit score 1 to 10. 

◎ Integration with Google Maps for showing physical image of property

◎ Magento shop for individual landlords as well as Resellers for buying of packages, contracts as PDF documents and material branded by Mietercheck

◎ Reseller system with commission calculation based on volume and region. 


Key Facts


◎ Dedicated team of 5 developers based in Goa India

◎ Project management and consulting from team in Frankfurt Germany

◎ Agile (SCRUM) development process fully managed by ScriptOne SCRUM master based in Goa

◎ Product owners team in customer's office in Stuttgart.

◎ Fully remote work using latest communication tools like Meet, Slack, Skype

◎ Management tools like JIRA, Slack for communication as well as sprint planning 

◎ Continuous integration and quality control using git, gerrit, Jenkins and code sniffers 




◎ Neos CMS 

◎ Flow Framework

◎ Interface with Payone 

◎ Interface with multiple credit check agencies by REST and SOAP