Application for online booking of storage space for households around Paris

StoragePal is an on demand storage space provider based in Paris. StoragePal has been selected by city of Paris as part of scheme to promote startups. StoragePal charges customers per item than whole storage space at fixed price. This makes it highly competitive than existing players in this business. In addition to Paris StoragePal will also expand in Netherlands, UK, Germany and Switzerland in near future. ScriptOne works with StoragePal to support complete IT infrastructure from MVP phase of the project.

ScriptOne team works with StoragePal for over 3 years to develop platform further as well as continuously support it. Team of 5 developers work on this project full time and features are added continuously as per business requirements.


Project link:




Project Features


◎ Responsive website developed using Neos CMS

◎ Integration with HubSpot for marketing and CRM

◎ Custom catalog and shopping flow developed for quick estimation and order

◎ Mobile friendly version of cart and order process

◎ Recurring payments for monthly billing based on number of items in storage

◎ Customer area to provide complete details of each item stored as well as booking of returns and visits. 

◎ Integration with transportation service 

◎ QR code based tracking of items 

◎ Full features back office system to track inventory, orders and customer billing. 

◎ QR code based management of items by warehouse staff

◎ Integration with Facebook, HubSpot for marketing and support. 


Key Facts


◎ Dedicated team of 5 developers based in Goa India

◎ Project management and consulting from team in Frankfurt Germany

◎ Agile (SCRUM) development process fully managed by ScriptOne SCRUM master based in Goa

◎ Product owners team in customer's office in Paris.

◎ Fully remote work using latest communication tools like Meet, Slack, Skype

◎ Management tools like JIRA, Slack for communication as well as sprint planning 

◎ Continuous integration and quality control using git, gerrit, Jenkins and code sniffers 




◎ Neos CMS

◎ Flow Framework

◎ Interface with Stripe 

◎ Hosting on Amazon cloud

◎ Email alerts using Sendinblue