Migration of 25 websites from TYPO3, Drupal and Wordpress to Neos CMS.

Swiss Automotive Group - SAG is over 80 years old company from Switzerland. SAG provides automobile service in 13 countries through its hundreds of Garages. It has over 4000 employees in about 15 group companies with average sales of over 1 billion Swiss Franks. 

SAG had about 25 websites developed individually by local offices of companies in the Group. They were developed using Drupal, Wordpress, TYPO3 and also other individual choices. It was hard to maintain such web presence when SAG started central marketing efforts. Goal was to have a standard CMS platform across all companies in the group with data sharing with SAP and CRM. 



All 25 websites were migrated from different content management systems to Neos CMS. ScriptOne team provides service from concept development, design, implementation and migration of content. Overall project took 1 year to finish. In addition to website Franchisee management system was also developed. With this system it was possible to create individual web presence for each garage with possibility of individual content for each garage. There is also integration with ERP to import data to reflect directly on the websites. 


Some of the websites 




Garage landing page 



Key Facts


◎ Franchise management system for over 2000 Garages in 5 countries.

◎ 25 websites for different companies in SAG group

◎ Integration with SAP

◎ Marketing platform for coupons and gathering customer information.

◎ Ongoing support and server administration




◎ Neos CMS, 

◎ Flow Framework

◎ Interface with Google Maps 

◎ Interface with SAP


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