Call flow guide for call centre agents with Salesforce connection

ProGuide is a tool for call center agents which provides live data and process to handle ongoing call. Agents can click through the process and see next options for customer based on his answers. This helps agents to quickly provide service to customers thus reducing duration of call significantly. Along with process agents also see actual information of customers from SalesForce and can also update information in SalesForce directly from ProGuide. ProGuide is being used by companies all over Europe in the area of Telecom, Gas, Energy and other customer service companies. 


ScriptOne team has worked with ProGuide from concept development, programming and support. Continuous development has been done to add new features to product every day. 


Project Features


◎ Full featured drawing tool based on jpGraph. It provides same functionality as popular drawing tool 

◎ Flowcharts can be connected with each other so that agent can click through the whole process quickly.

◎ Reusable components providing custom functionality. 

◎ Embedding or images and documents within flow charts. 

◎ Sending email directly from flow chart to currently active customer on call. 

◎ Display of actual customer information fetched from SalesForce. 

◎ Integration with ACD software like Genesys to capture phone number or customer ID which is then used to load customer profile from SalesForce


Key Facts


◎ Dedicated team of 3 developers based in Goa India

◎ Project management and consulting from team in Frankfurt Germany

◎ Agile (SCRUM) development process fully managed by ScriptOne SCRUM master based in Goa

◎ Product owners team in customer's office in Darmstadt, Germany.

◎ Fully remote work using latest communication tools like Meet, Slack, Skype

◎ Continuous integration and quality control using git, gerrit, Jenkins and code sniffers 




◎ Flow Framework

◎ jpGraph drawing framework HTML5

◎ Hosting on cloud

◎ SalesForce APIs

◎ Integration with Genesys ACD software