ScriptOne is specialised in developing high-end websites for large and medium size companies.

Enterprise websites need extended features like high performance, multiple languages, multiple countries, large amount of pages and content editable by editors spread across the world. We develop enterprise websites using Neos CMS

Neos CMS 

Neos CMS is a most modern content management system developed initially to slowly replace TYPO3 CMS. Now it is a standalone product with vibrant community of developers and companies.


ScriptOne team has delivered more than 100+ projects for European companies in last 15 years. We are specialised in delivering high quality websites using TYPO3 CMS and now Neos CMS.

NeosCMS Integration

Swiss Automative Group

Migration of 20 websites from TYPO3, Drupal and Wordpress to Neos CMS. 

Neos CMS 

Kulturium Denmark

Art, Cinema and culture website for city of Ishoj Denmark



Neos CMS is developed as next generation of TYPO3 CMS, however it is totally different in functionality from TYPO3 CMS. Neos CMS is supported by vibrant community and hundreds of developers continuously contribute code and packages to Neos CMS.


Enterprise Ready


Neos CMS is developed using PHP Flow Framework. Integration with other systems like SAP, Google APIs, Amazon webservices and cloud services is already possible.


Custom Applications


We build custom packages based on Neos CMS which support your custom business needs such as product catalog, integration with Megento, Search, customer support, order processing and many more.


Editor friendly backend


Neos editor provides built-in features for editing content inline as well as side by side translation tools.


Search Engine Optimization


All features needed for high SEO website comes built-in with Neos CMS. You can edit URLs, titles as well as Social Media metadata for each page.


Built-in internationalisation


Neos CMS comes with builtin multiple languages support. With content dimensions it is easy to plan your own localisation scope.


Contact us today to build a high quality enterprise website for your company.

Social Media Marketing


We work closely with our customers to define social media marketing strategy. Along with our online marketing experts we study customers business and define best possible solution for social media. Social Media Marketing can be time consuming and demanding for human resources. We help companies to automate publishing and tracking tasks by automating the processes.




Microsites for Marketing


Microsites or landing pages for marketing is a powerful way to publish content for your marketing campaign. Promotions are done by Google Ads , Email Marketing or Video Ads. On click of these ads user lands on the microsite (landing page), which shows a specific content as per the Advertisement.  ScriptOne provides microsites based on Neos CMS which can quickly setup landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is important way of communicating with your customer audiance. Content marketing relies on anticipating and meeting an existing customer need for information. Content Marketing should work seemlesly with your eCommerce when it is important for visitors to have easy access to information about your products. With flexibility of Neos CMS we can integrate content directly into your eCommerce portal developed using Magento, OpenCart or other eCommerce systems.




Marketing Campaign


Digital Marketing Campaigns need special website creation which are centered around a product or offer. Campaign websites are associated with advertising and product promotions. Marketing campaign websites may involve creation of special website with call for action, subscription, trial offers or product demo. We work with customers closely to define the requirements of the campaign and setting of goals. 

Landing Pages


Landing pages are also called as pages for lead capturing. Landing pages are logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Landing pages are used for lead generation. The actions that a visitor takes on a landing page is what determines an advertiser's conversion rate. Typical components of a landing page

  1. Product images and information.
  2. Demo video or PDF files to download.
  3. Questions or survey form for the users to fill up
  4. Small games for users to get interactive.
  5. Social Media sharing
  6. Getting users contact information.
  7. One click buy or subscription
  8. Feedback forms
  9. Dynamic content based on users location and language




Digital Assets Management


Digital Assets Management - DAM provides way to organize your digital assets as well as a way to store, create, search and deliver it.  Neos has built in Media manager which can be used and extended to build a strong DAM application easily.


Our custom Digital Assets Management solution is suitable in following business cases

  1. Photo and video sharing in community portals
  2. Media management for art websites
  3. Pictures, videos and documents from News websites
  4. Media from magazine websites
  5. Media database for digital artists
  6. Fashion and photography companies
  7. Professional image banks
  8. Internal digital media management for companies
  9. Media for marketing

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