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We provide dedicated software development teams based in India with our project management team based in Frankfurt. We are your local - remote team! We support all key technologies like - PHP | Zend | ReactJS | Flutter | Laravel | Flow & Neos CMS | Xamarin 

Hire developers with no minimum commitment, highly skilled in PHP, Zend, ReactJS, Flutter, Laravel, Flow and Neos CMS.


You don't have to spend time building your own team. Start working on your projects right away with ScriptOne Solutions, Germany. We are highly specialised building Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Startup projects for over 15 years in Europe. With ScriptOne you get an Agile team right away to freshly start a project or extend your existing team. 

Content commerce

Service portal for German real estate agents with Magento and Neos CMS


StoragePal France - Storage on demand

Application for online booking of storage space for households around Paris

What we do

We deliver your project precisely as you want, customised for you

Web Applications

Custom web applications based on your custom and business specific requirements. 



Websites powered by modern Neos CMS. 


SaaS Applications

SaaS application platform development with technology and methods of your choice.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App development including backend and webservices and integrations.  


Startup projects

Development of startup software project in phases from proof of concept to go to market.


Database applications

Database applications when you have large and crucial data to be available to your enterprise.  


We do SCRUM!

ScriptOne has adopted SCRUM for software development process. Over last many years we have made sure it has become culture to work in our company. We develop all our projects in SCRUM mode or SCRUM-like mode for small projects. However the culture of SCRUM process helps to make sure the deliverables are predictable and sprints of product gives good visible updates to customers.

1. Sprint Planning

Team meets to decide scope of the sprint

2. Daily Standup call

Team meets quickly daily at a specific time

3. Sprint Delivery

Team works on the tasks and delivers to product owners

4. Sprint review

Team meets to review how last sprint performed 

5. Customer feedback

Team meets with customer team to review the sprint

6. Sprint retrospective

Team meets to discuss failure and how to improve them

Remote team

Does it work across borders?

We have heard that SCRUM cannot work for offshore projects. However we have proved it wrong! Implementing SCRUM highly depends on the people of your team. At ScriptOne, each employee is chosen for right culture and emotional intelligence. We have already executed 2 large projects running for 2 years under SCRUM process.


Quality, Process & Communication


Best quality is the policy ! At ScriptOne we have developed and maintained high quality consistently for last many years. We have delivered high quality solutions to European customers and they are as good as any high quality solution developed in Germany or rest of Europe.

At ScriptOne we have achieved high quality using constant training to our staff as well as developed "culture" to sense needs of the customer and deliver accordingly. In sense we have been successfully delivering with European quality in Europe. 

Project Management and Collaboration


Communication and collaboration is backbone of outsourcing. We have developed ways to collaborate on projects with active participation of our customers in the collaboration and project management. We use JIRA, Slack and similar modern tools for this purpose.

Team Structure

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