Neos CMS: The next generation content management and Market leader Magento brought together


Content Commerce - content for eCommerce is an effective way for marketing your webshop. You can have a eCommerce shop built using any software like Magento, XT Commerce or even Shopify. Our solution provides a way for you to do content marketing where your visitor finally lands on Buy page

Content commerce

Service portal for German real estate agents with Magento and Neos CMS


StoragePal France - Storage on demand

Application for online booking of storage space for households around Paris

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What is Content Commerce?


In today's connected world, buyers take decisions based on what they read on the internet about products. Buyers trust products where lot of content is written and feeling of fully informed. Also while searching on the internet, the products with maximum content "Get Noticed" quickly than products with just a shop page. 


Content commerce helps you to write extended content for your products outside your ecommerce system. So ecommerce system should focus on actual shopping experience and product management. Our solution helps you to create landing pages and content pages for each of the product in your shop. 


Once these content pages are written our solution helps you to spread them across social media. So the final goal is to bring user to the Buy page of your product.

Integration with Magento shop

Our solution comes with integration with Magento shop. You can directly add products from your Magento shop to our solution based on Neos CMS. We also provide you custom functionality based on your needs of Megento shop and creation of landing pages, content articles or social media integration.


Our solution helps you to create landing pages based on situations and time of the year. The content can be mix of text, images and videos. 


We develop integration with your eCommerce system e.g. Magento to allow you to directly include product information in-between the content. 

This mix of content and product information increase of visitors to click on your product page and proceed to Buy. 

Neos CMS: The next generation content management

ScriptOne is specialized in developing websites and portals which include complex content management functionality. We have been using TYPO3 CMS as our platform of development since last 12 years to complete more than 200 projects for European companies. Nowadays we use the more modern and advanced Neos CMS which is also developed by the TYPO3 community.

Enterprise content management involves development of wide range of applications. Content management is not limited to building websites but also to develop and integrate applications like Intranets, eLearning, customer support, knowledge base, docuent management, Product information management and Digital Marketing. 



Neos CMS is developed as next generation of TYPO3 CMS, however it is totally different in functionality from TYPO3 CMS. Neos CMS is supported by vibrant community and hundreds of developers continuously contribute code and packages to Neos CMS.


Enterprise Ready


Neos CMS is developed using PHP Flow Framework. Integration with other systems like SAP, Google APIs, Amazon webservices and cloud services is already possible.


Custom Applications


We build custom packages based on Neos CMS which support your custom business needs such as product catalog, integration with Megento, Search, customer support, order processing and many more.


Editor friendly backend


Neos editor provides built-in features for editing content inline as well as side by side translation tools.


Search Engine Optimization


All features needed for high SEO website comes built-in with Neos CMS. You can edit URLs, titles as well as Social Media metadata for each page.


Built-in internationalisation


Neos CMS comes with builtin multiple languages support. With content dimensions it is easy to plan your own localisation scope.


Complete Content+Commerce Solution


Our Content+Commerce solution provides all features required for any high scale and growing company. After COVID-19 Pandamic every company needs a strong digital marketing and commerce platform to cater to new trend in customer buying habits. Below points highlight quickly what our solution has in general.


► Explainer videos
► Social Media integration
► Single Sign On
► Subscriptions
► Shipping
► HubSpot / CRM integration
► Custom Magento modules
► Multiple shops
► Coupons
► Landing pages
► Analytics
► Shop
► Digital products
► Payment gateways
► ERP integration
► Magento plugins
► Support and chat integration
► Offers and discounts
► Security 

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